Wasabi Testnet Trading Competition # 2

    The second Wasabi Testnet Trading Competition is here, running from March 31st to April 18th, 2023! It's free to participate and open to the public, presenting a unique opportunity for traders to compete for prizes and get an inside look at decentralized NFT options. The winners will earn Wasabi NFT Airdrops and also first place will win CryptoDickbutt #4571, so don't miss out on this chance!

    • 1st Place wins CryptoDickbutt #4571 and 2 Wasabi NFT Airdrop
    • 2nd Place wins 2 Wasabi NFT Airdrop
    • 3rd Place wins 1 Wasabi NFT Airdrop
    • 4th-50th Places win 1 Wasabi NFT Allow List

    Wasabi NFT grants access to our private Mainnet beta before it is released to the general public. As an NFT holder, you will be eligible for future token airdrops and exclusive communication with top traders and collectors on our private server.


    Winners are determined by the highest amount of points earned. Your score is calculated using the following criteria:

    • 1 Point for every option purchased
    • 1 Point for every option exercised using the arbitrage tool.
    • [Net Profit x 100] Points for the net profit made by using the arbitrage tool.
    • [Net Profit x 100 x 2] points if a profitable trade is shared on Twitter from the competition page (double the points).
    • You can earn up to 10 points for submitting helpful bugs or feedback through this form. Each submission will be reviewed by our team.


    In order to qualify, you'll need to join our Discord channel and follow the Getting Started guide.

    You can only mint dETH once, any trader who tries to mint more will be disqualified from the competition. This also includes minting from another address and sending the dETH to the original entry.
    How to Enter?

    • Join our Discord channel
    • Whitelist your address from the #whitelist channel
    • Request some Goerli ETH from our #request-goerli-eth channel
    • Mint some dETH from our faucet to start trading
    • Buy your first option!